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‘Gutsy’ Boehlert attacks Fox’s James Rosen for ‘smearing US soldier’


Proper contractions be damned! Eric is throwing some red meat to his Fox-hating proglodyte minions and getting lots of payoff.!/Mama4Obama1/status/474700100049326080!/Fairy_Gmother/status/474700581060108289!/Bye_Dogma/status/474700740477587456!/JohnHardy303/status/474702404479242241!/nineinchessoft/status/474702454698024960

(Not everyone has the “chops” to get 43 followers with an account named for a dead porn star.)!/barbaraemiller/status/474703357374767104

Eric’s army of doofuses seems to have a lot of hostility for people who treat military men with disrespect.

We’re wondering if they remember that time Boehlert called Navy SEALS “gutless.”

Oh yes. (Twitchy is forever.)!/EricBoehlert/status/236065055953793024

Be sure to take a walk down memory lane with #GutsyEricBoehlert.!/LIBSRSCUM/status/474732011702063104

How does Eric Boehlert sleep at night knowing he’s a grown man whose job is just to fake outrage over anything reported on a cable news channel?



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