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He Bought Some Bricks On Craigslist And Turned Them Into This Epic Summer Must-Have


Few things say summer more than a big backyard barbecue.

Friends, family, and good food — that’s all you really need for a fun time. Then again, when it comes to a real party, few things are more universally enjoyed than pizza. But since it’s so nice out, you don’t want to be running inside to get the ‘za out of the oven.

Reddit user DickieBennett had been dreaming of having an outdoor pizza oven and grill but after getting outrageous price quotes, he decided to take on the project himself. Prepare to feel extreme jealousy!

It all started with some fire bricks — he found them on Craigslist and took it as a sign to dive in!

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He gathered a ton of concrete and rebar for the foundation.

The foundation was down!

Then it was time to build the base — he opted for cinder blocks.

For added insulation and strength, he filled the gaps in the blocks with more cement.

The counter where the pizza oven would rest was crafted with more cement and rebar.

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While the concrete cured…

He finished up the grill with a nice brick border.

After the concrete set, it was time to start mocking things up.

The bricks for the arch were angle cut for a snug fit.

Once he decided everything fit, he began assembling the pizza oven’s floor.

Lookin’ good!

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Here’s the form arch he built that the pizza oven would be crafted around.

Another final test fit was done — you know what they say, measure twice, cut once.

Since the grill was ready, a celebratory meal was prepared. What a motivator!

Then, it was back to the pizza oven. DickieBennett covered the brick floors for the next step.

The bricks were held in place by hammering them snug against one another and mortar.

Here’s the back.

The arch is almost complete!

DickieBennett left a hole for a chimney.

When the form was removed, the pizza oven started to take shape!

Here it is with the chimney and part of the entry sealed up to keep the heat in.

A second arch was added with red bricks.

But since the whole point of these ovens is to get hot…and STAY hot, more insulation was added.

Metal lathe went over the ceramic fiber blanket insulation.

That ensured that the stucco would adhere properly.

DickieBennett covered the oven during the curing process — this prevents cracking.

After a long waiting period, he finally got to light a fire! Look at that burn.

After he finished stuccoing the entire grill and oven, a fresh coat of paint brought everything together.

I’m 100% jealous of how this turned out!

While it took him longer than expected, I think we can all agree that this end result is well worth it! So…when are we invited over for grilling and pizza?

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