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He Finally Had The Courage To Explore The House Across The River. What He Found Is Eerie.


Across the river from where one man grew up stands a lonely, dilapidated house. It’s the kind of creepy house that is the star of countless horror films and kidnapping cases (it basically screams “you’re gonna die”). But, be that as it may, this guy finally got the courage to cross the river and enter that house. This is what he found.

The house is across the river from his property. No one knows who owns it.

An old pump-like mechanism, probably for getting water out of the river.

A view from the house at the pump (or possibly the beginning of Evil Dead).

It’s unknown when the last time someone entered this house.

It appears to have been years.

He grew up living across from this house but was never able to get the courage to check it out.

(I can see why.)

It seemed to be a sprawling cabin of sorts, with a few different buildings.

The smaller structure next to the main house was completely caved in.

The house was unlocked, so they walked right in.

Surprisingly, lots of items were still left inside.

Presumably guarded by the evil spirits.

Complete with old-school fridge.

And lots of pottery.

Things were arranged inside as if, years ago, the family suddenly got up and left.

Someone really needs to post a sign that reads, “Beware: Ghosts and Stuff.”

It’s hard to blame the man for leaving as quickly as he did, but now I want to find the nearest abandoned building and rifle through it, ghosts or no ghosts.


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