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He Took A Photo Every Day For 18 Years. He Even Documented His Final Days


If a picture really is worth a thousand words, then the 6,000 Polaroids taken over the last 18 years of Jamie Livingston’s life could fill novels.

Livingston began his photographic journey through life by taking just a single photograph. In no time at all, he found himself documenting each and every day with Polaroids. Over the years, his photos captured many personal experiences as well as a slew of off-the-wall moments that can’t exactly be put into words.

Across the many highs and lows, Livingston never missed an opportunity to immortalize important moments. Even in the last days of his life, the Polaroid camera was there to capture it all as he lost a long battle with cancer. Following Livingston’s death, two of his closest friends vowed to take over the Polaroid project. This is his story.

March 31, 1979: This is the photograph that started it all.

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May 27, 1979: In the early years of his photographs, Livingston was just a student at Bard College.

July 08, 1979: He always saw life through a bit of a different lens.

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