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‘Hello, this is Joe’: Joe Biden test drives an Obama phone?


Team Obama just loves to tweet pics of POTUS and the gaffetastic vice president chit-chatting on the phone. Evidently phoning it in is what passes for eye candy in Obama’s America.

But is this just any old phone? Or is it one of those fancy Obama phones?

#ObamaPhone!! RT “@JoeBiden: “Hello, this is Joe”:

— Bethany Bowra (@BethanyBowra) October 1, 2012

This lady doesn’t look too pleased to have Uncle Joe yukking it up on her Obama phone, does she?

The women really wants her phone back. Joe's using up her free minutes contributing to Dial-A-Gaffe. @DeeInHouston

— Wayne Baisley (@craptard) October 1, 2012

We’re betting it’s not Netanyahu on the other end.

@netanyahu called-he'd like u to give at least this much effort to Middle East “@JoeBiden: “Hello, this is Joe”:

— RyanRhodes (@RyanRhodes) October 1, 2012

This photo is just screaming for your captions. Give it your clean and articulate best in the comments.

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