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Here Are 12 Pieces Of Undeniable Proof That You Can’t Trust Anyone. Or All Of This Will Happen.


There are very few people in this life you should trust wholeheartedly and without question. There are so few, at the moment, maybe you should trust no one. That may sound jaded, but it’s true. People may not mean to hurt or betray you, but since no one is perfect, it usually ends up happening. Don’t let yourself get burned by the people you associate with every day. Even if they’re not shady, they’re not completely kosher, either. Learn from these photos: trust no one. Why, you ask? Because…

1.) They’ll find clever ways to tick you off.

2.) They totally believe stupid weight-loss fads.

3.) This is how they mourn loved ones.

4.) Even they know to sleep with one eye open.

5.) Their lust for revenge is terrifying.

6.) They won’t hesitate to turn on you.

7.) They’ve been burned since birth.

8.) They may be bananas.

9.) They can be selfish.

10.) Like, really selfish.

11.) They do things like this.

12.) And they use “twerk” way too liberally.

(H/T BuzzFeed) And if that didn’t convince you to dig a deep, deep hole and escape the crazy people of our society… I’m not sure what will.

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