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Here Are The 20 Dumbest Questions Ever Asked Online. And The Hilarious Answers.


You’ve probably heard the expression, “There’s no such thing as a dumb question.” While I typically agree with that, this really challenges the entire premise of that philosophy. Some of these questions will leave you questioning the status of humanity.

The 20 most ridiculous questions ever asked on Yahoo! Answers.

1. So this is how they get all those cat videos.

2. 50% of the population will agree.

3. The quickest way to lose weight – guaranteed.

4. That about sums it up.

5. Never take the chance that it could be a telemarketer. Never.

6. This is a healthy start to a great relationship.

7. Yes.

8. Accurate answer.

9. It has nothing to do with nerves. Truth right here.

10. No honor roll students at this school.

11. I’ve heard worse.

12. An acceptable form of racism.

13. Still waiting for the answer…

14. I’m going to say, Yes. But I’m not a relationship expert.

15. Epic response.

16. You’re answer made me laugh.

17. I want to eat dirt to see if there’s any truth to this.

18. And pizza is forbidden in Italy.

19. You might upset them. Better keep quiet.

20. No one thinks you’re crazy. You are crazy.

Now that you feel 35% dumber, here’s a link to Wikipedia. Go learn something new.

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