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Horrified mom finds crunchy frog in her Perdue chicken [pics, video]


Don’t you just hate when you’re getting some frozen chicken out for dinner and suddenly—BAM—frozen frog.

It’s like a bad episode of “Chopped.”!/allys_sons/status/492399653195763712

Just look at him.


Perdue’s social media team jumps into action. Sort of.!/allys_sons/status/492410260632502272

Frog infestation is one of the lesser known problems faced by today’s poultry industry.!/allys_sons/status/492427247341428736!/Junebug1952/status/492403790201360384!/Junebug1952/status/492412907208966145

Again, Perdue is on the case.!/PerdueChicken/status/492411902719709184

Perdue only uses 100% American frogs. Guaranteed.!/Katakism/status/492415119859519488!/allys_sons/status/492415593258053632

Might want to try it with chocolate.

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