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#HostessShrugged: Conservatives brilliantly bid farewell to Twinkies


Twinkie the Kid is officially going Galt. Crippled by union greed, Hostess will be closing its doors and laying off over 18,000 employees. This is the sort of thing Ayn Rand warned us about. America’s cream-filled center is drying up; Hostess is shrugging.

As depressing as that is, conservatives have a knack for using humor to cope with troubling situations, and they’re showcasing that talent with the brilliant #HostessShrugged hashtag:

T-Day – 11/16/2012 – The Day the Twinkie Died#HostessShrugged

— Luke (@kingsofluke) November 16, 2012

Gotta say, #HostessShrugged is the best hashtag I’ve ever seen. Sad day for gamers, geeks, and fatties everywhere. #SicTransitTwinkies

— Dave Mitchell (@the4thdave) November 16, 2012

I have seen the future: pot is legal but there isn’t a single scrap of cream-filled goodness to quell the munchies! #HostessShrugged

— Colin Copland (@slightstrider) November 16, 2012

Why were the unions so determined to take away my Ding Dong?#HostessShrugged

— Scott Barber (@FloggerBarb) November 16, 2012

#HostessShrugged Picked up my Twinkies and Ding Dongs. Don’t eat them anymore but what the hell, have one last one of each. The stupidity!!!

— Dwight Samson(@dlsamson) November 16, 2012

#HostessShrugged The longtime snack cake icon has gone Galt. Bye, Twinkies, Ding Dongs and Wonder Bread… 82 years of yummy.

— David Insley (@David_stardem) November 16, 2012

RIP Twinkie the Kid- (1947-2012) #hostessshrugged

— Steve Johnson (@Grizzly_Stevens) November 16, 2012

Ran to the little store next door to get some Twinkies but they were out. Lady there wondered where the delivery truck was. #HostessShrugged

— Guy Oni (@GuyOni) November 16, 2012

The Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union really didn’t think about what they were doing:

@ericarn4usa This is about right! #Hostess #HostessShrugged #tcot @smalltalkwitht @ayers_one…

— Keith (@KA_HappyPlace) November 16, 2012

Bingo. When union thugs force businesses’ hands, everyone loses.

Unions properly summed up. #AynRand #HostessShrugged #tcot #hostess…

— Jeremy Mangen (@JJMangen1) November 16, 2012

Now that Hostess has “gone Galt”… who’s next? #HostessShrugged

— Guy Oni (@GuyOni) November 16, 2012

Today’s virulently #capitalist Tweets are brought to you by the hashtag #HostessShrugged, expecting much more shruggin’ ahead. #socialism

— Pete Earle (@pete_earle) November 16, 2012

#HostessShrugged unions killed the cupcakes. If they can’t have their demands met the twinkies get squashed forever

— hard at work(@Studio_Report) November 16, 2012

#HostessShrugged and it will be the first of many. Fundamentally transforming America, one Twinkie at a time.

— I See What Is (@JustHorrified) November 16, 2012

#HostessShrugged Who knew the Twinkie scene from Ghostbusters would become dated?…

— Jeff DeWitt (@nWoJeffDW) November 16, 2012

Gather ye Twinkies while ye may.

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