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How Well Do You Know The New Era Of “Doctor Who”?


Is it really bigger on the inside? Let’s find out.

  1. 1. What does TARDIS stand for?


    1. Time and Realistic Dimension(s) in Space
    2. Time Allows Realistic Dimension(s) in Space
    3. Time and Relative Dimension(s) in Space
    4. Time and Relative Direction(s) in Space

  2. 2. How old is the Doctor, really?


    1. 500+ years old
    2. 900+ years old
    3. 1,500+ years old
    4. 2,100+ years old

  3. 3. Why do the Reapers start attacking in “Father’s Day”?


    1. Because they want to invade Earth
    2. Because they want to eat humans
    3. Because they want to finally defeat the Doctor
    4. Because someone altered the past

  4. 4. In the first episode, “Rose,” what exactly is controlling the Autons?


    1. The Nestene Consciousness
    2. The Adipose
    3. The Abzorbaloff
    4. The Slitheen

  5. 5. What caused the Empty Child Plague during WWII?


    1. A waterborne virus
    2. Nanogenes
    3. Possession
    4. Poisonous liquid

  6. 6. What game show do the Doctor, Rose, and Captain Jack NOT appear on in the episode “Bad Wolf”?


    1. Survivor
    2. Big Brother
    3. What Not to Wear
    4. The Weakest Link

  7. 7. In the episode “Into the Dalek,” what is the nickname the Doctor gives to the Dalek?


    1. Charlie
    2. Russ
    3. Rusty
    4. Buster

  8. 8. Who is the girl in the fireplace?


    1. Madame du Barry
    2. Marie-Louise O’Murphy
    3. Marie Anne de Mailly
    4. Madame de Pompadour

  9. 9. What alias does the Doctor use when going undercover as a human?


    1. John Brown
    2. John Smith
    3. John Miller
    4. John Stephens

  10. 10. What’s one activity that the Doctor does while pretending to be human in “The Lodger”?


    1. He goes to the cinema
    2. He goes to a museum
    3. He works at a call center
    4. He learns how to ride a bike

  11. 11. Who is Idris in “The Doctor’s Wife”?


    1. The Master
    2. A Time Lord
    3. The TARDIS
    4. An asteroid named House

  12. 12. Where exactly does Rose get trapped in “Doomsday”?


    1. Another planet
    2. A parallel universe
    3. In the past
    4. In the future

  13. 13. What does the Doctor warn Sally to do several times on the wall in “Blink”?


    1. Don’t blink
    2. Run
    3. Duck
    4. Turn around

  14. 14. What message does River Song leave for the Doctor in “The Time of Angels”?


    1. “Spoilers”
    2. “I hate you”
    3. “Hello sweetie”
    4. “Come find me”

  15. 15. In “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship,” who else is traveling with the Doctor, Amy, and Rory?


    1. Rory’s Father, King Tut, and Winston Churchill

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