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Huh? Nanny Bloomberg says he’s too liberal for liberals


It’s not him, it’s you. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg confessed to New York Magazine that his flagging popularity on the Left comes down to him, a “fiscal conservative,” being “too liberal for the liberals.” Liberals, you see, always promise more than they can deliver, whereas Bloomberg always delivers, even if it means bypassing the electorate for their own good. Sure, none of his nanny state edicts, such as the smoking ban and the large sugary drinks ban, would has passed a vote, but now that living healthy is the law, “Everybody loves it!”!/TheStalwart/status/376390161623678976!/YeaYouRite/status/376356039769088000

In his interview, Bloomberg also took a swipe at mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio, accusing him of running a “racist” campaign based on class warfare and “using his family to gain support.” (He recently made his son’s mighty afro part of his platform, urging New Yorkers to “Go with the ‘fro.”)!/MarcDBarnhill/status/376456978077585408

De Blasio’s wife, Chirlane McCray, wasn’t about to let that accusation stand, nor was daughter Chiara.!/jfermino/status/376416770263089152

Don’t let the door hit you.!/Impolitics/status/376457430861094912

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