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I Don’t Care How Photoshopped These Images Are… I Want To Live In This Fantastical World.


The subjects of these photos are unlike anything you’ll see with your own eyes (literally). John Wilhelm, a Swiss IT director and photographer on the side, loves to take pictures of wildlife, buildings and his family. However, after taking those photos, he manipulates his subjects in Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom to the point of creating a completely fantastical world unlike the one we know. And it’s awesome. Finally, a gallery where the people who quickly say “Photoshop!” to every picture online receive a much-deserved, “Duh.”

Each picture begins with John, an IT director, taking a normal picture.

Then, he edits that picture digitally in Photoshop,

He is literally limitless.

Any idea he has, he can create.

He just lets his imagination take over.

He says most often he’ll shoot at zoos or museums and won’t realize what he wants to do with the picture until he is in front of the computer.

It sometimes takes John hours to complete just one photo, but he still does it because he loves it.

Having a job, a wife and three children probably gives John lots of situations to draw ideas from.

There is something about these whimsical pictures… it’s just hard to look away.

I would love to see what this albums of family photos look like… they have got to be interesting. To see even more of John’s amazing work, Like him on Facebook. Share John’s fantastical work with others.

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