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If You Ever Feel Stupid, These 27 Stupid People Will Make You Feel Much Better. Trust Me.


Every so often, I make a mistake. I’ll forget to make a left turn, or forget to take out the garbage. But when I feel bad about it, I check out these people. They’ve taken stupidity to a new level. And even if it’s not right, they make me feel better.

1. Oh no…

2. 12,000 people like Konfu Panda huh?

3. Hahaha

4. “What happens if I press the floor I’m on?

5. Oh, sweetie.

6. “Breaking News”…really?

7. ….and another one?!

8. Nope, that’s not how Roman numbers work.

9. This makes The Parent Trap a whole new movie!

10. Did you get tricked by this too?


11. Oh boy.

12. Umm…that’s a Holocaust Memorial

13. #slapsforehead

14. Ya…That’s not a pool…

15. This boss…yikes.

16. Is this real?

17. So..many……..sigh…

18. Ya that’s a common mistake. NOT.

19. Is this a bad sign?

20. Irony’s not lost on him!

21. Generation Lazy.

22. 😉

23. Please, someone find this girl and make her wear a helmet so she doesn’t bump into things.

24. I sincerely hope you didn’t do this too.

25. Ruh roh.

26. Well I need to try that…

27. Ugh. That’s enough.

Well, I feel better now. Spread the dumb by sharing below.

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