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Inquiring minds don’t wanna know: How does Ms. Dunham like her birth control?


At 27 years old, “Girls” star Lena Dunham is ostensibly an adult woman. But who needs maturity when you’ve got access to the government teat? Obamacare is, like, so cool, you guys. And here’s why:

Have all the unprotected sex you want — someone else will pay for it. Feminism, baby! Ain’t it a kick in the head?!/colbybmiller/status/385514653465325568

You can get a month’s supply of birth control pills for nine bucks at Target. But Dunham’s probably too cool to shop there. Wonder if she’s aware that Target supermarkets offer the occasional free sample.

Dunham is definitely past hers.!/CottonMandyGram/status/385501184594694144

Hear, hear!



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