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Investigation calls Georgia ‘border state’ for violent illegal aliens


WSB-TV in Atlanta tonight aired the results of its investigation into violent crimes committed by illegal aliens, declaring Georgia to be a “border state” for repeat offenders.

The human face at the center of WSB’s report belongs toManju Poonmagar, who emigrated legally from Nepal. Illegal alienSergio Vera-Lula recently pleaded guilty to murdering Poonmagar outside her apartment in 2013and was givena life sentence.

Reporting for WSB-TV, Aaron Diamant interviewedCobb County District Attorney Vic Reynolds about the case.

Most concerning for Reynolds is the fact Vera-Lula was in the United States illegally. Federal authorities had already sent him back to Mexico three times, but he kept coming back through what Reynolds and other critics call our southern border’s revolving door.

“I’m confident we could go to any of the courtrooms that we service day in and day out and find representatives of this same circumstance,” Reynolds stated.

Diamant analyzedU.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement removal records and took the results toJessica Vaughn with the Center for Immigration Studies in Washington, D.C. The records showed that of42,116 unauthorized immigrants deported in 2013had been convicted of an aggravated felony, and 27,159 of those had been removed before.

The data showed Georgia ranked first in deportations among all non-border states, and fourth overall behind only Texas, Arizona and California.

In Georgia, federal authorities deported 7120 unauthorized immigrants in fiscal year 2013. 1173 of them had aggravated felony convictions. Of those, 513 (44%) had at least one prior removal.

“Georgia has effectively become a border state, certainly for illegal alien criminals,” Vaughn said.

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