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Is this photo from the NRA an ‘act of terror’?


The NRA is under fire — yet again — from the New York Daily News and NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio over a picture tweeted by the group’s America’s 1st Freedom account.

The photo showsDemocrat State Senator Roxanne Persaud and Democrat Assemblywoman Jo Anne Simon with 4 bullets and links to an editorial by America’s 1st Freededom’s Mark Chestnut on the pair’s idiotic plan to attempt to limit ammo sales in New York State to “twice the capacity of a gun owners firearm during a 90-day period.”

Those 4 bullets, you see, are an “act of terror” according to the New York Daily News which suggests the two politicians “be gunned down.”

And Mayor Bill de Blasio seems to agree with the paper:

So now bullets in a photo that links to an editorial on a proposal by two politicians to limit bullets sales equals an “act of terror”? Delete your account, NY Daily News:

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