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It’s Unfathomable That They Were Going To Kill Her. Especially When You See What Happened Next.


A malnourished and extremely pregnant dog named Mary was found at a kill shelter, awaiting euthanasia. Her time was up. However, thanks to a last-minute rescue and $1,000 in donations from people around the country, she was taken away from that awful place in put in a loving foster home. Once there, she went through an incredible journey to deliver a massive amount of puppies with her foster family.

This is Mary while she was in the shelter: terrified and emaciated.

Even after being taken out of her frightening cage, she was afraid to move, not knowing what was happening.

Luckily, she had a foster family waiting to take her home. Once arriving there, they noticed how badly emaciated she was, even with the heavy litter of puppies she was carrying.

So they did their best to feed her round-the-clock, hoping to get her weight up before the puppies came.

It wasn’t long before Mary was already visibly happier, warm and fed inside of her new family’s home.

Two days after being rescued, Mary went into labor. She delivered her first puppy without an issue.

Mary handled the labor like a pro, knowing exactly what to do every step of the way.

Mom was in labor for a stunning 16 hours and gave birth to 15 puppies. Unfortunately, three puppies at the end were stillborn because of the amount of time the birthing process took…

But that still left 12 beautiful puppies. Her foster parents weren’t sure if the pups would be able to nurse, it seemed her nipples were malformed from perhaps living in a puppy mill.

Thankfully, the little guys were able to latch on.

Although the little puppies didn’t look like much at first, they still knew to cuddle with momma, even if that meant on top of her.

And underneath her.

Tired mom, worn out from taking care of her many, many puppies.

This is Maple.

And Bonzai.

And Belle.

Mary was so proud of her puppies and wanted to show anyone that would let her.

Helping Mary feed her little pups was a daily routine.

2 weeks old and the puppies are still going strong, discovering the world with their eyes open.

Puppy feeding frenzies are still the norm.

As are puppy piles!

How could you not fall in love with this face?

Parallel pups.

A little messy muzzle after feeding.

And here’s Mary, exhausted, but thrilled.

Every day, thousands of dogs like Mary are killed in animal shelters. Just think, without the help of strangers and this foster family, she and her beautiful pups would have been euthanized.


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