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I’ve Seen Evil Before. But Not Put-A-Live-Puppy-In-A-Trash-Bag Evil. Thankfully, Kindness Still Won.


Sometimes there seems to be a lot of cruelty in this world, but that cruelty is more often than not met with great kindness. That was the case when one young man and his cousin were out walking one rainy day when they heard an odd sound coming from a pile of trash.

They decided to investigate and what they found inside one of the trash bags will break your heart… It was a poor little puppy, all tied up and injured, that had been discarded like trash by some cruel person.

They immediately got the puppy out of the bag and took her to the veterinarian. After getting the pup all cleaned up they decided to keep her, and named her Angie.

Good thing the two cousins happened on the bag when they did or else this poor puppy probably wouldn’t have survived for very long.

This is how the poor puppy looked after they had rescued her from the trash bag on that rainy day, all tied up and hurt (that is the skin hanging off her chin).

They took her immediately to the vet.

Where she got cleaned up and her wounds attended to.

Here she is now, around 8 months old.

She got the name Angie, and is a very happy puppy these days.

That treat is the least she deserves for having lived through such cruelty.

Thankfully there are kind hearted people in this world that make up for the cruelty of some.


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