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James Woods: Will Lois Lerner finally desert the sinking S.S. Obama?


As Twitchy reported, the IRS claims to have lost more than two years of Lois Lerner’s emails, including communications with the White House and other agencies, including the Treasury and Justice Departments and the Federal Election Commission. Actor James Woods wonders if this is a sign that Lerner will jump ship rather than take the fall.!/mnix49mn/status/477551196173901825!/rwindependence/status/477551238859718656!/HollysHere/status/477551302332133376!/LONGLIVETYCOBB/status/477551344450932736!/darrellpwest/status/477551532821716994!/treesaree/status/477551631907971073!/AklamJor/status/477551798299803648!/MarkMic35809922/status/477551811948052480



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