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Jimmy Kimmel jabs Obama/Holder over Fast and Furious; most of D.C. media/Hollywood celebs scratch heads


Yes, Virginia, someone in liberal Hollywood finally found the balls to bring up Barack Obama’s bloodiest scandal.

Comedian Jimmy Kimmel made reference to the deadly “Fast and Furious” White House/DOJ gun-walking scandal at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner Saturday night. Most of the D.C. media and Hollywood types, of course, a) cringed; b) shrugged their shoulders; or c) scratched their heads in abject, willful ignorance.

C-SPAN cameras did not share President Obama or First Lady Michelle Obama’s reactions. Attorney General Eric Holder was nowhere to be seen:

Watch Kimmel’s full monologue. Fast & Furious jibe is at 4:00 in the video:


@mboyle1 @KatiePavlich @michellemalkin when Kimmel hit Holder on #fastandfurious,was like the room didn't get it.Maybe they hadn't heard.

— Noone of consequence (@maybewise) April 29, 2012

Kimmel just made a Fast and Furious joke! Is that why Holder isn't here?

— Lucy Steigerwald (@LucyStag) April 29, 2012

I hear Jimmy Kimmel is doing Fast & Furious jokes at #WHCD? I hope Eric Holder is squirming in his expensive, blood stained seat.

— Brett Ruiz (@BrooklynBrett) April 29, 2012

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