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Joan Walsh takes Dick Durbin’s side; Insinuates Jay Carney a liar


This could get good!

GOP leaders met with President Obama today, and Sen. Dick Durbin, who was not at the meeting, claimed that one GOP leader told Obama to his face that he “cannot even stand to look at you.”!/politico/status/393047941746679809

Durbin’s claim was denied by both the GOP and the White House:!/trscoop/status/393089934141059072!/TheFix/status/393079774564081664

In spite of these claims that Durbin’s account of the meeting is fiction, Salon’s Joan Walsh is taking the Illinois Senator’s side:!/joanwalsh/status/393092486110793728

Lapdog mutiny!!/BenHowe/status/393098077965271041

Here’s how Joan Walsh might respond to Joan Walsh’s insinuation that the White House is lying if the person doing so was not named Joan Walsh:!/DLoesch/status/393098633203044352

Durbin’s not budging on his claim:!/BecketAdams/status/393105955874816000

Please pass the popcorn.!/BecketAdams/status/393106947123068928

There is one element of surprise in this story:!/JohnEkdahl/status/393105846475169792

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