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Joe Budden and the story of the stranger


Ever have a stranger come into your life, and change your thinking? You’re constantly thinking about them, can’t stop analyzing your meeting? Maybe you’ve even gone on Twitter and had an hour-long tweet-fest about them.

Well, if you haven’t, rapper Joe Budden has done it for you.

It seems I've met a complete stranger who is really good at understanding me… &'4 some reason, that's been bothering me ever since.

— Joe Budden (@JoeBudden) June 5, 2012

You simply must tell us more. Don’t hold back now.

I gotta block the stranger.

— Joe Budden (@JoeBudden) June 5, 2012

That bad, huh?

When I leave this studio, I have every intention on telling u guys more about this stranger. God has the best sense of humor.

— Joe Budden (@JoeBudden) June 5, 2012

Sounds good, bro.

The stranger is a Virgo as well.

— Joe Budden (@JoeBudden) June 5, 2012

As intriguing as this story might have sounded, some fans and followers were, for the most part, heckling the man.

I see you're venting @JoeBudden i feel a resurgence of molecules forming inside your cerebellum roaring out for emo music to be made.

— CAWBBB (@CAWBBB) June 5, 2012

Others found the inner mind of one of rap’s more prolific men to be quite profound:

Its days like today where my admiration for @JoeBudden is further confirmed. The mans mind will forever captivate me.

— Cat (@CatalystTO) June 5, 2012

uhhh duh lol “@MrDoin2Much: maybe it's just me but @JoeBudden's depressingly guileless monologues are on point…”

— Ama (@ErrBodyHatesNa) June 5, 2012

The realest rapper to ever do it @JoeBudden

— KYLƎ SHƎRMAN (@SlimSherman_) June 5, 2012

@JoeBudden I don't tweet, but a cancer, but I love when you tweet shit like you are today…. No surprise our signs are compatible.

— Cody (@Cody011) June 5, 2012

Joe Budden’s got a stranger on his mind, which may explain why his album is taking forever to get an official release date…

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