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John Fugelsang likens government shutdown to Confederate victory


Well, we’re screwed. At least according to comedian (and former host at the wildly successful Current TV) John Fugelsang.

As the possibility of a government shutdown looms, Fugelsang wants to make sure we all understand what it would mean for us:

Slavereh! Or something.

Helpful conservatives attempted to give Fugelsang a much-needed history lesson:

But John just wasn’t interested:

Oh dear. The truth is hard. Much too hard to explain to militant lefties like Fugelsang. So instead, we’ll just point out what a jackass he is:!/jdonels/status/384721210799833088

Not to our recollection.!/Closetrighty/status/384725144742027264!/NathanWurtzel/status/384720511629930496


And bless his heart, while you’re at it.



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