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Just Keep An Eye On This Guy’s Hand. What He Made Is Terrifyingly AWESOME… Whoa.


This is the type of creativity and ingenuity that brings joyful tears to our eyes. British plumber (and brilliant madman inventor by night) Colin Furze was such a big fan of the character Wolverine in X-Men, he created this brilliant homage. It took time and dedication, but he made a tribute to Wolverine that’s so awesome, it could probably get him thrown in jail. (Seriously.) Where can I get one of these?  

Seriously, this is happening.

To wear the claws, you have to wear a pneumatic assembly on your back.

But then you can do this!

And be totally and completely normal…. yeah.

  Source: Colin Furze via Bored Panda You have to see this thing in action. This guy is absolutely passionate about his inventions (and we can see why). Hopefully, these mechanic claws will start being mass produced so that fanboys everywhere can enjoy this awesomeness.

To learn more about this mad genius, check out his site. Otherwise, share this awesome invention with others.

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