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Just When I Was About To Give Up On Humanity, These 20 People Proved Me Wrong. AWESOME.


If you have ever lost faith in humanity, don’t feel bad. At one time or another, all of us have felt like giving up hope. But these 20 acts of kindness will remind you that YES, there are truly wonderful people out there in the world who want to spread kindness and love. We hope this inspires you to help someone else out in the future.

1. A stranger left free lottery tickets for people using the gas pump.

2. This Wendy’s worker saw the man struggling to get to his car in the rain, so went out to help.

3. A man gave away the bike he won at the state fair.

4. This family set out free kiddie pools to help outside dogs stay cool in the summer.

5. This launderette offered to clean people’s clothes so they could go to job interviews.

6. A stranger kept a sleeping kitty dry in a downpour.

7. Dan brings strangers in a cancer ward coffee to keep them smiling.

8. A passerby stopped to help a handicapped woman that was stuck.

9. This police officer helped a driver that was out of gas.

10. An entire family spread kindness at a dollar store.

11. A homeless hero did something amazing for a woman he didn’t even know.

12. A kind stranger helped out, then left this little note.

13. A customer helps a family’s dream come true.

14. This security guard, who makes the days of little girls.

15. One man won a pile of prize tickets… so he gave it away to this kid.

16. This stranger helped out another driver in need.

17. A kind Marine saves a baby rabbit he found in trouble.

18. A random student helps kids who can’t eat lunch by making them sandwiches.

19. Soldiers help citizens escape their town over treacherous flood waters.

20. This rollerblading guy who helped out a seagull that needed a drink.

Sometimes the simplest act of kindness can make a world of difference to another person. Try it out yourself!

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