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Karl Rove makes Howard Kurtz wonder if cable news networks are too partisan


So, it took Karl Rove’s on-air performance on Election Day to inspire Newsweek’s Howard Kurtz to ask if television news networks should “drop partisans” from their lineups? Not only does Kurtz write for Newsweek — the magazine this week featuring President Obama dressed as Napoleon on its cover — he also hosts CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” so we assume he owns a TV and gets CNN and some of those other networks.

Twitter tries to clue him in to what’s been going on in network newsrooms for the past, oh, 50 years.

@howardkurtz You mean like @gstephanopoulos@joetrippi I mean, really. They’re still entrenched Democrat operatives.Please.

— Melissa Clouthier (@MelissaTweets) November 11, 2012

@howardkurtz You mean like James Carville on CNN?

— Randy Johnson (@RandyJohnsonLA) November 11, 2012

@howardkurtz how about George Stephaneous and Joe Trippi?

— lindapetrou (@lindapetrou) November 11, 2012

@howardkurtz Yes, party operatives need to go. CNN should ditch Begala, Castellanos They’re savvy, but they’re shills.

— Edward St. Clair (@EdwardAloysius) November 11, 2012

@howardkurtz WTF? Has Matthews or O’Donnell or Bashir or others at most biased network ever gone 2 far? You just hate that Fox rules.

— Depoguy (@depoguy) November 11, 2012

@howardkurtz If all networks dropped partisans, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS and NBC would all go out of business.

— Wes Stephens (@RockyTop_VA) November 11, 2012

@howardkurtz STILL on that Howie?You really do get hung up on goofy things Rs do.Matthews and Bashir comments so much worse than Rove

— JUDY STAHL-REYNOLDS (@judyastahl) November 12, 2012

Will Kurtz approach CNN management and demand to be let go?

@howardkurtz Then they should drop you…correct?

— john giglio (@lilium479) November 11, 2012

@howardkurtz The Question is Should YOU be on Television or CNN!

— Chitown2424 (@chitown2424) November 11, 2012


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