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Katie Pavlich perfectly sums up Joe Biden’s praise for Bob Packwood [video]


Former Oregon Republican Sen. Bob Packwood resigned from the Senate in 1995 after several women accused him of sexual assault and harassment.

Today, Biden praised Packwood, at a DNC Women’s Leadership forum no less:

Come again? @JoeBiden speaking at a women's conf-to boost/reach out to women-just singled out BOB PACKWOOD as the kind of Repub he misses.

— Dana Bash (@DanaBashCNN) September 19, 2014


@DanaBashCNN @JoeBiden sounds like sarcasm

— Vince Pardi (@vpardi) September 19, 2014

@DanaBashCNN @BrentBozell Packwood ;)? unintentional sarcasm? Or just Joe being Joe?

— Dan Butterfield (@idannyb) September 19, 2014

Biden certainly didn’t sound like he was joking:

MT @DanaBashCNN: VP Biden at DNC women's event singles out Bob Packwood as GOP'er he misses

— Jamie Dupree (@jamiedupree) September 19, 2014

Katie Pavlich summed up Biden’s praise for Packwood perfectly:

You can't blame Biden for praising Packwood, it's just a habit. He's in the party that praises and glorifies Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton.

— Katie Pavlich (@KatiePavlich) September 19, 2014




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