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Kim Jong-Un parody account nosedives into Wisconsin recall election


The popular Twitter account parodying North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un with over 120,000 followers had apparently decided it’s time to alienate a large chunk of them. After all, most people aren’t following parody accounts for asinine liberal screeds.

That Wisconsin bastard Scott Walker totally stole my idea of cutting meals for school children. #WIrecall

— KimJongNumberUn (@KimJongNumberUn) June 4, 2012

Some fans of the parody account voiced their annoyance at its sudden belly flop into the world of American electoral politics.

@KimJongNumberUn stick to being funny

— Dennis Chamberlin (@TheDChamberlin) June 5, 2012

@KimJongNumberUn you are usually good, but save your dictator slams for real sasha cohen.

— Eric (@DocChalkErock) June 5, 2012

@KimJongNumberUn Are you a communist? Do you favor big labor over right to work laws?

— Lisa Phillips (@blondenfun1) June 4, 2012

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