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LA Times uses ‘incomprehensible’ substitute for the word ‘illegal’


Look what the Los Angeles Times came up with to further misrepresent the illegality of unauthorized aliens coming into this country.!/IngrahamAngle/status/506378846586023937!/ericdondero/status/506392957612601344!/SoloVoc/status/506434973977812992

Nope. Not a thing.!/Sandtxman/status/506398603544625152

That could be next.!/IMHO427/status/506410902196068352!/Julie_A_Maurer/status/506412032271585280!/Tntclosr49Tim/status/506404672509575168

Seemingly subtle changes like this are great reminders of the never-ending quest by media elites to alter the average citizen’s mindset.


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