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Little Boy’s Family Decided To Surrender His Dog, So He Left A Heartbreaking Note


In an ideal world, all animals adopted out from shelters would be great fits for their families and live happily ever after.

Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. One family was recently heartbroken about surrendering their furry friend when they brought him to the Humane Society of Utah in hopes of giving him a second chance at finding a forever home. The dog, named Rhino Lightning, is playful and rambunctious, and he was accidentally injuring the smallest members of the house when he played.

What made this surrender different was the spiral-bound notebook full of instructions written by the boy who so clearly loved his dog. Humane Society staff had never seen anything like it before and they were committed to following his instructions to the T.

The note was addressed to the new family Rhino would go home with. The little boy called him a “striped dream” and said his “cheeks make a lot of slobber.” He also gave instructions about the pup’s likes and dislikes.

“He was my puppy,” the kid wrote of the 3-year-old dog. “I really hope he is in a good environment. I really miss him.”

The shelter publicized the note along with Rhino’s adoption application, noting they would like to find someone willing to keep the dog’s name who would be interested in following the instructions left by his previous owner.

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“It was very heartbreaking to see from his perspective, his relationship and friendship with this dog,” said DeeAnn Shepherd, marketing director for the Humane Society of Utah. “But we hope that he sees the story and knows that his best friend is going to find a new home.”

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