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‘Ludicrous speed’: NYT editors call O-care-induced unemployment ‘liberating’


Ladies and gentlemen, your New York Times editorial board:!/TheFriddle/status/431074983943888896

Joblessness is so liberating!!/TheRickWilson/status/431038151176781824!/amandacarpenter/status/431065960041046017!/EmilyRose1776/status/431094268133126144!/motherred58/status/431036596373032960!/BenHowe/status/431034812246556672!/OffACough/status/431098733162283008

It certainly reads like satire.

Nailed it! The Times’ editorial board may as well have just posted that. Too bad they’re running a super-serious organization.!/yalielkin/status/431032681984688129

At this point, though, we really shouldn’t be surprised when garbage like this gets printed.!/lizthatch/status/431078890849964032

Yep. It’s just par for the Times course. It’s par for the lapdog media course!!/justkarl/status/431117295792836608



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