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‘Lulz’: Tens of Alan Grayson bootlickers show up to protest at #Dream13 summit


We were really looking forward to fun times outside the Defending the American Dream Summit in Orlando today.!/michellemalkin/status/373111199761580033

Rep. Grayson was nowhere to be found, but the Obamacare-lovin’ protesters didn’t disappoint. Just look at the Fluke-like crowd that showed up to protest the conservative conference.!/BenHowe/status/373535911512145921

There were tens of them!!/ChrisLoesch/status/373534617653231616

Or should we wait for the MSNBC crowd estimate?!/nealsherman/status/373534742089437184

Nah. We can just look at these pics from the organizers:

Does that qualify as a “crowd”?!/TabithaHale/status/373495661360320512!/TabithaHale/status/373534624418660352

What have we learned from all this?!/TabithaHale/status/373499422766026752


Blogger Duane Lester has posted video of the super-exciting protest.!/Bodhi1/status/373546737837031424

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