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MacCallum: School canceled at sign of ‘1st snowflake’ but not for Ebola?


A man from Liberia remains hospitalized with Ebola in Dallas, Texas, the people in an apartment where he had been staying are being quarantined (kind of), and about 100 people who had contact with the infected man are being monitored.

What about area schools? Martha MacCallum had a priorities question:

Explain to me why we cancel school at the 1st snowflake, but not for #Ebola ? Who loses if the Texas school takes a few days off?

— martha maccallum (@marthamaccallum) October 3, 2014

Are authorities simply not taking the threat seriously enough?

@marthamaccallum Snow does not transform America. . . when will media get it?

— Sarah Moore (@LooneyTunes002) October 3, 2014

@marthamaccallum That would be admitting we got a potentially BIG problem. Allot of citizen may die of Ebola cause by PoliticalCorrectness

— Daniel Foynes (@DanielFoynes) October 3, 2014

@marthamaccallum I don't buy Dr Frieden analysis. CDC doesn't know as much as they think about it. He spins as a politician and is guessing

— Kevin Northcutt (@northcutt2013) October 3, 2014

@marthamaccallum people need to do what is best for their child and not what is best for the schools funding..

— Barbara Carr (@BeYourselfBarb) October 3, 2014

@marthamaccallum Parents should not send their kids to school. None!

— molcuta (@molcuta) October 3, 2014

@marthamaccallum so true . I live here at ground zero and Martha , people are really scared to send their little ones to school.

— Ed Butowsky (@EdButowsky) October 3, 2014

Ebola concerns may not have prompted area school closings, but weather has:

@marthamaccallum Agree! Some Dallas schools are closed today do to power outages,blessing in disquise.Too many ppl downplaying Ebola risk

— brandi (@itsjustboo) October 3, 2014

@marthamaccallum @JaniceDean says lots of Dallas schools closed bcuz storms. Maybe God closed the schools bcuz the superintendent wouldn't?

— Exozone (@Exozone) October 3, 2014

@marthamaccallum mother nature did just that. Dallas ISD closed today. Power outage from big storms yesterday

— Randy Maxwell (@Maxhawk4) October 3, 2014

41 Dallas ISD schools are without power this morning…here is the list

— Tempestt Moore (@tcmoore26) October 3, 2014


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