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Michael Moore calls Harry Reid ‘biggest weenie’ in a ‘party of wimps’


Cheer up, Harry — Michael Moore might think you’re a weenie, but you’re the biggest weenie. As Twitchy reported, liberals slammed Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid last month for compromising on a filibuster reform deal. Moore was angry then, and he’s angrier now with news that senate Republicans have managed to delay the confirmation of Secretary of Defense nominee Chuck Hagel.

(1/1)Senate Repubs: U started 2 illegal wars that broke the treasury & sacrificed the lives of thousands of our troops & countless civilians

— Michael Moore (@MMFlint) February 15, 2013

Moore does know that Hagel is a former Republican senator who voted to authorize military action in Iraq, right?

(2/3)Now u think u have a say in who the new defense sec is? When the majority of Americans have REJECTED u? Stand down now or be thrown out

— Michael Moore (@MMFlint) February 15, 2013

(3/3) And Harry Reid- U are the biggest weenie leading a party of wimps. U let the Repubs continue their 4-yr long filibuster. Disgusting.

— Michael Moore (@MMFlint) February 15, 2013

@mmflintAre you mad Reid has not produced a budget in three years, or he refused to let House bill come to a vote?

— Anthony Bruno (@ajbruno14) February 15, 2013

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