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Michael Moore reviews ‘The Hunger Games’ for the #OWS crowd


“$50 million Michael Moore” won’t let those pesky Occupy hecklers stop him from weighing in on the eeeevil capitalist enslavement of the 99 percent. A handful of people took to Twitter to remind the filmmaker that the odds are ever in his favor:

@MMFlint But, corpulent one, are you not of the 1%, just as Occupiers said? Son, you're too stupid for politics.

— Biff Driftwood (@Biff_Driftwood) April 1, 2012

@MMFlint Which 1% character do you play?

— America's Last Stand (@AmerLastStand) April 1, 2012

@MMFlint Nope. It's your wet dream of an all powerful central State, not your contrived 1%. Thought this would be porn to you Mikey

— Salty Cøn (@SaltyCon) April 1, 2012

@MMFlint knows what he's talking about. You should really listen to him. #AprilFools

— The_Politiphile (@The_Politiphile) April 1, 2012

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