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More lies: President declares that it’s cool driving a minivan


As Twitchy reported, President Obama spent part of the daytouring the Detroit Auto Show looking for a successor to “The Beast,” the nickname of the gas-guzzling presidential limousine. The president was photographed trying out the most transparent car ever, but the fit just wasn’t right.

Fortunately, an on-the-ball salesman was able to point the president to something better suited to him and his post-White House lifestyle: a Chrysler minivan.

In a nod to the movie “Get Shorty,” the president joked about how driving a minivan is cool, butadmitted that a nearby Corvette looked pretty tempting. However, there wouldn’t be room for the first lady and her mother.

When you’re Barack Obama, even a minivan looks cool with you at the wheel.

A pickup truck that’s a great choice for an ex-president, especially with a hat to match.

Mr. President, what would it take to get youin this prototype mini-sub today? We’ll be honest; another world leader has his eye on it.

Who are we trying to kid? On the chauffeur’s day off, President Climate Change is going to stick with his old ride.

Now that’s cool.

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