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Mother Passes Out In Front Of Child Due To Drug Overdose While Out Shopping


In New Hampshire, security footage in a Dollar General recently captured a mom overdosing in front of her two-year-old daughter.

As the footage shows, the pair were shopping in the toy aisle when 36-year-old Mandy McGowan collapsed. Confused, her toddler began to cry and pull on her arm in an attempt to rouse her. Authorities believe that she took oral heroin or another narcotic, such as fentanyl.

McGowan was revived and has completed over two months of rehabilitation. For now, her daughter remains in state custody.

It’s a heartbreaking video, but one that clearly demonstrates the danger and pain of drug addiction. Shockingly, nearly two minutes pass before anyone steps forward to comfort the little girl.

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It blows my mind that no one picked up that child and gave her a hug. Our hearts go out to her in this difficult and confusing time. Hopefully, her mom gets the help she needs.

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