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My favorite movie


On a Saturday afternoon, many tweeters decided to name their favorite movie. Here are some of the submissions:

#MyFavoriteMovie A Walk to Remember

— Jordan Howard (@jhowarddd) March 31, 2012

#MyFavoriteMovie The Count of Monte Cristo

— Bram Asuncion (@bramasuncion) March 31, 2012!/Facedepingouin_/status/186158226033754113!/ahasanbegovic/status/186157526180573184

#MyFavoriteMovie all the transformers

— Mike…. (@Mike_SaysSo) March 31, 2012!/Mikaela_Kathryn/status/186160180621361152

#MyFavoriteMovie Remember the Titans

— duece (@bigdaddy_mak) March 31, 2012

#MyFavoriteMovie Saving Private Ryan

— Jesus Bastardo (@heyzeus7) March 31, 2012!/itsChaela_/status/186160460704387072

#MyFavoriteMovie #TheHungerGames

— Charol Medina (@charolmireya) March 31, 2012

Some decided that it was too difficult to settle on one movie, so they listed multiple films.

#MyFavoriteMovie is Lord of the rings.also love Coyote Ugly & all Nicholas Cage and Brad Pitt's movies

— Liz (@Liz_NKOTB) March 31, 2012

Mo' #MyFavoriteMovie: 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Apartment, Network, Woodstock, The Shining, Grave of The Fireflies, Godfather II, Magnolia.

— Jason Whyte (@jasonwhyte) March 31, 2012!/CharlessWeber/status/186157374795550720

@IbrahimKhan64 #MyFavoriteMovie Fast n furious, D fast n d furious, Fast n furious-Tokyo drift, 2 fast 2 furious, Speed, Home alone seriesXD

— Jay (@_Jayshree_R) March 31, 2012

#MyFavoriteMovie the whole Pirates of the Carribean series

— Meme (@YoungWolfMidas) March 31, 2012

#MyFavoriteMovie Shrek, Grease, Dirty Dancing, All the HouseParty's, Superbad, 40 year old virgin, 21 JumpStreet

— Dominique T (@nique_1228) March 31, 2012

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