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Natalie Morales swears she didn’t mention Kim K’s ‘sperm grip’ [video]


Who gripped what now? “Today” show viewers are pretty sure they heard news anchor Natalie Morales say something about Kim Kardashian’s “sperm grip.”!/mcmattmccormick/status/408237633773780992!/lipsticklovexo/status/408237746021761024

Morales swears she said “firm grip.”!/NMoralesNBC/status/408243402397200384

Still shudder-worthy given the context in that tweet. But are we buying that?!/heatherrae106/status/408252621817122816!/jackdpmjd/status/408254026275635201

We don’t have Alec Baldwin’s expert acoustic analysts on our payroll, but sorry, Natalie, we’re going with “sperm grip.”!/CudiKids/status/408258373852094464


Morales is now ready to own the new phrase:!/NMoralesNBC/status/408267798079889408

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