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Nothing to see here! MSM silent after Ala. Dem calls Clarence Thomas ‘Uncle Tom’


Dude. Dude:!/DD_MarySell/status/433368741066194944

That happened yesterday in Alabama.!/DD_MarySell/status/433370531711045633

OK, maybe we’re jumping the gun a little. Let’s give Holmes a chance to clarify his remarks:!/TLockette_Star/status/433376144625131520


Yeah, that really doesn’t make him look any better.!/TheDaleJackson/status/433692126359330816

So, for those keeping score at home, a Democratic politician admitted to making up crap and smearing Justice Clarence Thomas as an Uncle Tom.!/Heminator/status/433686466636828672!/PeteWadeinIndy/status/433695395797925888!/moelane/status/433687590341210112

That seems pretty newsworthy to us. Wouldn’t you agree?

Damned racist repub… Wait, what? MT @tahDeetz: Southern democrats railing against interracial marriage.

What's old is new.
#tcot #p2— Ken Brown (@K_P_Brown) February 12, 2014!/Harold_Benton/status/433688593064681472


So why didn’t we hear about it right after it happened? Didn’t the MSM think it was worth covering?!/Will_Antonin/status/433688345768890368!/TheDaleJackson/status/433688812410396672!/NoahCRothman/status/433689026730930176

This one certainly wasn’t thoroughly vetted — by the public or the mainstream media.!/TheDaleJackson/status/433689409821876224

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