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Obama has ‘vision’ for ‘smarter government’; Twitter envisions mockery


Stop! Our sides can’t take it!!/kristymcampbell/status/354222831216762880

Ha! Well, Reuters.!/macrossfan/status/354222862254620672

So, close enough!!/JammieWF/status/354235114621911040

Jammie Wearing Fool notes that it “sounds like a lame campaign pitch, never mind someone in his fifth year in the White House.”

The White House oh-so-proudly tweeted out this pathetic news:!/whitehouse/status/354244141829459969

Twitter users have a vision. A vision of mockery!!/UWRockBuster/status/354245385717424129!/RexANagle/status/354220438399881216!/Rhondalynny/status/354221044191608834!/garyalan82/status/354223326173999106!/sasso333/status/354241372083077120

And some exit snark-advice:

If Obama's serious about making "government smarter", I've got a tip:

Don't put morons at the top.
#SmarterGovernment— Creepy Ass Just Dave (@Dwills_II) July 08, 2013!/BroncosJeff/status/354244818572021760


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