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OFA’s brag that ‘we made history’ with Obamacare gets necessary drubbing


Organizing for Action is declaring victory for Obamacare in this tweet that reaches back 100 years to include Teddy Roosevelt, just to prove that Obamacare is bipartisan, or something:!/OFA/status/455825991013650432

In fairness, many aren’t disagreeing that Obamacare “made history,” but rather with those words being used in a positive context:!/michelelfrost/status/455826227593371648

Ha! Indeed.!/bradcundiff/status/455826546302152704!/Matthops82/status/455826301115719681

Here’s a “fixed it” version, and pay close attention to President Roosevelt:!/exjon/status/455832431648460800

Excellent! Or, in this case, “Bully!”

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