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Over 20 dead, hundreds injured in Port Said riot after Egyptian court sentences 21 to death


22 killed in reaction to 21 sentenced to death for role in killing 72. Madness. #PortSaid

— Sharif Kouddous (@sharifkouddous) January 26, 2013

More chaos in Egypt: At least 20 civilians and two police officers are dead in Port Said after a death penalty verdict led to clashes outside a prison. A judge sentenced 21 to death in connection with a soccer riot that killed 74 fans last year. Relatives reportedly shot two police officers and stormed the prison to free the defendants.

Hundreds more are injured and the Egyptian military has been deployed.

22 dead now in escalating violence in #PortSaid meanwhile NSF call for President #morsi to step down #egypt

— Bel Trew – بل ترو (@Beltrew) January 26, 2013

The sense I am getting from ppl is that they genuinely thot defendants will be acquitted, totally shocked by verdict #PortSaid #Egypt

— Rawya Rageh (@RawyaRageh) January 26, 2013

Updating my graph of number of people killed over time in #portsaid today. An almost steady rate of 6 deaths per hour.…

— Mostafa Hussein (@moftasa) January 26, 2013

Scene outside #PortSaid prison.. Dozens gathered to ensure that defendants don’t get moved, more police arrive #Egypt…

— Rawya Rageh (@RawyaRageh) January 26, 2013

#PortSaid protesters gather in front of prison, chant as cameras film #Egypt…

— Rawya Rageh (@RawyaRageh) January 26, 2013


— Rawya Rageh (@RawyaRageh) January 26, 2013

Gunshot from outside hit mirror right by my purse #PortSaid #Egypt…

— Rawya Rageh (@RawyaRageh) January 26, 2013

Railway authority stops trains to #PortSaid #Egypt

— Rawya Rageh (@RawyaRageh) January 26, 2013

There is no doubt live ammunition, automatic rifles being used here by ppl in plainclothes #PortSaid #Egypt

— Rawya Rageh (@RawyaRageh) January 26, 2013

People trying to storm prison in #PortSaid.. Hospitals taking in dozens of injured #Egypt

— Rawya Rageh (@RawyaRageh) January 26, 2013

Near by police station has been set on fire #PortSaid #Egypt

— Rawya Rageh (@RawyaRageh) January 26, 2013

Police seal #PortSaid city entrances, exits.. Army securing Suez Canal, but not on city streets yet #Egypt

— Rawya Rageh (@RawyaRageh) January 26, 2013

Army’s second command deploys in #PortSaid#Egypt

— Rawya Rageh (@RawyaRageh) January 26, 2013

People in #PortSaid trying to stop the tanks & armored vehicles of the army from entering the city #Egypt…

— Priapus Dionysis (@Priapus_D) January 26, 2013

Fire in vicinity of #PortSaid prison & military tank by entrance #Egypt…

— Rawya Rageh (@RawyaRageh) January 26, 2013

Better picture of military tank parked outside #PortSaid prison gate #Egypt…

— Rawya Rageh (@RawyaRageh) January 26, 2013

Intense video of clashes & gunfire in #PortSaid after verdict in #Egypt football riot.……

— Jim Roberts (@nytjim) January 26, 2013


Video of when families of the accused heard the court ruling… #portsaid

— Patrick deHahn (@patrickdehahn) January 26, 2013

Another account of the outbreak and gunfire from the ground:

Incredible outside Ahly ground. Thousands with smoke bombs, rockets flares as 21 sentenced to death #portsaid #ahly…

— James Montague (@JamesPiotr) January 26, 2013

A father of one of 72 is carried on the crowd’s shoulders at the front. He’s holding a lit red flare in one hand, a gun in the other

— James Montague (@JamesPiotr) January 26, 2013

Someone now firing an automatic pistol. Thankfully they weren’t professionals. Gun jammed after a couple of shots

— James Montague (@JamesPiotr) January 26, 2013

No one was expecting a guilty verdict. Some fans think that the momentum has been lost to topple the regime. Crowds leaving.

— James Montague (@JamesPiotr) January 26, 2013

On the ground death toll in #PortSaid with reports of 5 dead and rising. If this was a politicised verdict to avoid trouble, it has failed.

— James Montague (@JamesPiotr) January 26, 2013

A photo from the stadium before chaos erupted:

Everyone and anyone being allowed to enter the Ahly club where thousands are are cursing #PortSaid…

— آدم (@adamakary) January 26, 2013

Rifts deepen:

Recent elections results exposed a rift: urban vs rural. The Port Said massacre verdict added another rift: Cairo vs Port Said.

— The Big Pharaoh (@TheBigPharaoh) January 26, 2013

And violence begets more violence:

I’m very worried about what is happening in #PortSaid #Egypt now. Where r the voices of reason??? Violence only leads to more violence.

— Jeanie Abdullah (@4libya) January 26, 2013

According to @ap: #PortSaid deaths came after 2 police were killed; officers then fired into crowd.

— Jim Roberts (@nytjim) January 26, 2013

If the steady rise in killing in #portsaid doesn’t stop. Isn’t this the same crime that #mubarak was found guilty of?…

— Mostafa Hussein (@moftasa) January 26, 2013

Police National Defense headquarters on fire in #Suez. Meanwhile 26 confirmed deaths in #Portsaid #Egypt

— Just Aerdt (@aerdt) January 26, 2013

One Cairo-based journalist offered this half-hearted defense of Morsi …

To be fair to #Morsi – he was stuck between a rock &a hard place. There would be chaos which ever way the verdict swung. #Ultras #PortSaid

— Bel Trew – بل ترو (@Beltrew) January 26, 2013

… which was met with immediate pushback:

@beltrew can’t defend the lack of preparation/foresight ..that’s part of being a leader #Morsi #Ultras #PortSaid

— Polly Purebred (@Polly_Purebred_) January 26, 2013

@beltrew he could have postponed the veredict. He have chosen the moment to cause this.

— COPTIC NATIONALISM (@DioscorusBoles) January 26, 2013

@beltrew its not like u to be symp to MB

— Omar NaZ (@naz_omar) January 26, 2013

@beltrew A Competent Leader prepares well 4 the outcomes, knows his pple well! Problem with Mursi He is clueless! Inept Government=Disaster

— Esfahan Hanim (@esfahanhanim) January 26, 2013

So, how’s that Arab Spring working out for you, Egypt?

Happy Birthday Egypt spring 🙁 RT @egyindependent: Breaking: Ministry of Health: 12 killed and 158 injured in #PortSaid clashes.””

— Esther Voet (@Esther_Voet) January 26, 2013

Now more dead than the number of those to be executed #PortSaid Egyptian lives sold cheap ya #Morsi

— Ranya A. (@RanyaPI) January 26, 2013

Over football? sigh RT @abeerallamj: In his attempt to please alahli football fans #Morsi is about to create a civil war#portsaid

— Steven Strauss (@Steven_Strauss) January 26, 2013


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