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Pa. Blue Dog primary losses invite fresh round of ‘Obama ate a dog’ jokes


Progressives are celebrating the Tuesday primary losses of two Pa. Blue Dog Democrats. Rep. Tim Holden lost to personal injury attorney Matt Cartwright and Rep. Mark Critz won a narrow victory over fellow Democratic incumbent Rep. Jason Altmire.

HEY FUCK YOU ALTMIRE! RT: @PoliticsPA: BREAKING: Critz campaign: Jason Altmire just conceded. #pa12 #PAprimary #primarycursing

— Brett Banditelli (@banditelli) April 25, 2012

"BLUE DOGS ARE GOING DOWN"! Pa. Rep. Holden loses; Critz tops Altmire #Dems #p2b @DCCC @DSCC @DNC #p2

— #ABWisdom (@adbridgeforth) April 25, 2012

Redistricting and an influx of cash from organized labor contributed significantly to the Blue Dog losses:

@AP calls it for Matt Cartwright in the 17th district, meaning redistricting has claimed Rep. Holden. #2012

— Matt Moore (@Guerrillascribe) April 25, 2012

PA unions contributed 600+ vols 2 Critz camp, knocked 10,000+ doors, made 64,000+ phone calls, & sent 36,000+ pieces of mail. #PAlabor #PA12

— Jake Sternberger (@JakeSternberger) April 25, 2012

But conservatives on Twitter decided to have a little fun with analyzing the primary results:

Obama ate the Blue Dogs.

— Teri Christoph (@TeriChristoph) April 25, 2012

So it appears that the Labor machine has reared its ugly head in the PA primaries. Blue Dogs are dropping like Obama's dinner.

— Stacy Mott (@Stacy_Mott) April 25, 2012!/katyabram/status/194961765384192001!/katyabram/status/194974241140113408

Tim Holden was a "conservative democrat." And here I thought Obama had already eaten all the Blue Dogs. #tcot

— eric (@eriContrarian) April 25, 2012

Blue Dogs pitted against Obama, get roasted. MT @DavidMDrucker Blue Dogs RT @FixAaron: Which folds 1st:Blue Dog caucus or Newt Gingrich?

— Nouvelle (@NouvelleNom) April 25, 2012

If Pres doesn't eat them 1st MT @FixAaron: Looking at who's left of Blue Dogs, only 10 or so R locks 2 return. Caucus could B cut in 1/2

— Gail (@Miz_Eisenhower) April 25, 2012

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