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People Gave These Old Toys To Kids? They Are Absolutely Terrifying.


I used to think it was scary that today’s kids are playing with iPads. However, after seeing just how terrifying toys used to be, I know that they’re much, much better off now. After getting a look at some of them, you’ll be wondering how anyone thought it was a good idea to give them to kids. Was the idea to make sure they never sleep again? Because I know I won’t.

Check them out!

1.) Gnome – Gnope!

2.) Clown Accordion – “Please kill me.”

3.) Toy Grenade – That face says it all.

4.) Clown Doll – As you can see, someone tried to blow it up already.

5.) Life-size Dolls – WHICH ONES ARE HUMAN?

6.) Mickey Mouse Gas Mask – Not necessarily a toy, but oodles of wartime fun.

7.) Foot-wheel Doll – That was my reaction to seeing the other toys too.

8.) Another Clown Doll – He can’t escape now–so why does he seem so confident?

9.) Masks – Maybe they were trying to get back at their toys by scaring them.

10.) Face Fold Doll – He was made in the dark.

11.) Altar Boy Doll – What has he seen?

12.) Football Player Doll – I know he’s an athlete, but I think he enjoys playing sports juuust a little too much.

13.) Yet Another Clown Doll – Is this one planning something with the others?

14.) What A Surprise! A Clown Doll! – Who thought clown dolls were a good idea? Wait–is this one alive?

15.) Baby Doll – “I know what would fix this doll right up, some clown makeup!” – a toymaker from the old days

I can’t help but feel like these toys ruined my childhood… and I didn’t even grow up playing with them. Looking at them is honestly enough to give you nightmares. I feel sorry for the kids who used to play with these.

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