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Photos: Brooklyn shuttle riders face heavy gridlock, long lines


Brooklyn-based commuters into Manhattan have a tough road ahead — literally. With the MTA getting back up and running only very gradually, many travelers are relying on the shuttle system. The surging number of shuttle riders has put a heavy strain on city transportation, and today, commuters are being greeted by long, long lines.

My cousin walked to Harlem today from Brooklyn. Took him 3 hrs. I guarantee it was a better look than the shuttle buses.

— Joi H.(@bkjoi78) November 1, 2012

People from Brooklyn have been waiting 1-4 hours to get on the shuttle buses…to get into the city…

— 어쩌라고 고 고(@Minkipk84) November 1, 2012

Whoah. This commuter bus situation is .. wow…

— Colin Campbell (@BKcolin) November 1, 2012

If you’re in BK and don’t have to leave, don’t. NYC Minus MTA: Photos of Insanely Long Shuttle Bus Lines via @betabeat

— Jennifer Bergen (@jennybergen) November 1, 2012

This line for the shuttle in Brooklyn looks like the bread line during the depression.

— Jeff C.(@_JeFFF) November 1, 2012

Every person in line for the shuttle bus from Brooklyn is instagramming

— Hannah Thurman (@hannahthurman) November 1, 2012

And the results are pretty amazing:

Wrap around line waiting for a shuttle bus in Brooklyn

— Shaniqua Garvin (@ShaniquaGarvin) November 1, 2012

Breaking: chaotic scene in downtown Brooklyn as thousands of people line up to board free shuttle buses to Manhattan.…

— Jack Fink (@cbs11jack) November 1, 2012

This is the line for people trying to get on shuttle busses at Barclays Center. Line is around whole arena.…

— Al Ragone (@Alragone) November 1, 2012

Madness in #brooklyn by the #barclaycenter to get a bus into #nyc lines wrapping the Barclay center 2x!

— DjTBLaZe (@DjTBLaZe) November 1, 2012

And here’s what the *front* of the Brooklyn-Manhattan shuttle bus line looks like. It actually wraps around

— NYCAviation (@NYCAviation) November 1, 2012

Line to get on bus to Manhattan looks like a scene from those movies when they evacuate #NYC. Where’s Wil Smith?…

— Stephen Krill (@stephenkrill) November 1, 2012

The line for the Brooklyn-Manhattan shuttle from Jay Street is fucking nuts. Gotta be at least 5 blocks of people

— Tim McDonough (@phish83) November 1, 2012

. @gridlocksam People should be avoiding driving on Jay Street in Brooklyn. The shuttle bus traffic is making it untenable.

— Adam (@Carnegro) November 1, 2012

Long line for shuttle bus going to Manhattan from downtown Brooklyn – Jay St. Traffic still bad.

— Martha Adeline (@MarthaDeline) November 1, 2012

The line snaking from Jay street under a tunnel in downtown Brooklyn for shuttle buses to Manhattan…

— karen mcveigh (@karenmcveigh1) November 1, 2012

My new apt view: Brooklyn – Manhattan bus line (block 2 of 6) #Sandy #aftermath #commuters #mayhem

— Virginia Laird (@virginialaird) November 1, 2012

My morning commute from Brooklyn to Manhattan via shuttle buses. 1000s walking in line, circling the blk 2x for an hr.…

— Tracey Hughes (@traypeace) November 1, 2012

More lines to get on shuttle to Manhattan from Brooklyn…

— Shayna Estulin (@SEstulin) November 1, 2012

Photo: the line for the brooklyn shuttle. imagine this ten times. Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

— Dave of The Paxtons (@DaveThePaxtons) November 1, 2012

the line to get on the manhattan shuttle looks at least 1,000 heads deep. damn, downtown brooklyn. godspeed.

— huny golightly (@huny) November 1, 2012

Just saw friends pics of endless lines in Brooklyn for shuttle buses into Manhattan. Good luck everyone.

— ckoh (@ckoh) November 1, 2012


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