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Piers Morgan: these dumb Americans don’t know what ‘wanker’ means; Americans respond


Or not:

Looked up "wanker" in dictionary, found picture of @piersmorgan there. Must be an American thing. 😉

— The Rooster (@VegasRedRooster) April 28, 2012

@piersmorgan Us Americans have seen "Love Actually." I'm sure we can figure out why you're considered a wanker.

— James Sims (@SimsJames) April 28, 2012!/CFC_USA/status/196251096560320512

@piersmorgan No Piers, that's just what they say they think it means when they call YOU a wanker.

— Raquel (@TheRaqSays) April 28, 2012

And from the other side of the pond, Lord Sugar tosses in his two pence:

@piersmorgan I'm happy to translate to our American cousins what a wank.. is, I think they get the gist as it perfectly describes you. Jerk

— Lord Sugar (@Lord_Sugar) April 28, 2012

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