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Pressure mounting for Nickelodeon to throw the pie at American idiot Jason Biggs


As Twitchy has reported, Pig-Maher-in-training Jason Biggs has been sending out vicious, vomitous tweets about Paul and Janna Ryan, Ann Romney, and Christians. And it’s looking more and more like Biggs, most famous for screwing a pastry, may have finally screwed himself.

The actor currently has a gig voicing Leonardo in Nickelodeon’s “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” reboot, which is set to premiere at the end of September. But a growing number of concerned parents and outraged citizens are attempting to stop Biggs in his tracks by calling on Nickelodeon to fire him for his disgusting tweets.

.@NickelodeonTV U might want 2 reconsider, @JasonBiggs tweets some pretty #sickstuff#NotCool #Nickelodeon #Kids

— M Gasper (@M_Gasper) August 31, 2012

Jason Biggs SHame on you! Shame on Nickelodeon for employing you! Woman hater!

— Renee Cain-Rojo (@plantslady) August 31, 2012

.@NickelodeonTV Sirs, is this the kind of people you have representing you?

— EricD (@TheMotleyMind) August 31, 2012

How can @NickelodeonTV have .@jasonbiggs on a kids show TMN Turtles when he spews hate filled vile tweets abt women?

— Chris (@Chris_1791) August 31, 2012

@NolteNC I hope every one of your followers will write Nickelodeon about Jason Biggs’ foul hateful woman bashing language

— obamanada (@obamanada) August 31, 2012

Hey @NickelodeonTV @NickelodeonPR thanks so much for introducing misogynist Jason Biggs to little kids Mutant sure fits

— Katie O'Malley (@katieomalley) August 31, 2012

@NickelodeonTV no Nickelodeon programming in my house until Jason Biggs is gone. Rape is no joke!

— Sherri Hunter` (@cecollie) August 31, 2012

@NickelodeonTV Read @jasonbiggs twitter timeline. Is this the type of person you want representing your network?

— Linda Cecil (@bamahomemaker) August 31, 2012

@nickelodeonTV Please fire @jasonbiggs for his disgusting, woman-hating, pro-rape comments he made.

— Joseph Clark (@JosephClark1) August 31, 2012

@JasonBiggs @NickelodeonTV Obviously a kid's choice? This is what you want kids to emulate?

— Jolly Goodtime (@GoodtimeJolly) August 31, 2012

@TwitchyTeam @nickelodeontv should be ashamed for allowing this so-called comedian on their network! #FireBiggs @jasonbiggs

— Rachelle (@Shelly__Marie) August 31, 2012

@NickelodeonTV I can assure you that sponsors are being contacted concerning Jason Biggs' comments concerning Christianity and RNC women.

— Matthew Moon (@seenyourluna) August 31, 2012

How can @NickelodeonTV have .@jasonbiggs on a kids show TMN Turtles when he spews hate filled vile tweets abt women?

— Chris (@Chris_1791) August 31, 2012

@NickelodeonTV I will not let my kids watch your shows until a public apology is issued by your employee @jasonbiggs

— Push Reset (@schankej) August 31, 2012

@NickelodeonTV I have blocked all NICK channels from our kids until Jason Biggs is no longer employed. Letting DirecTV know why also.

— Gromulin (@Gromulin) August 31, 2012

@NickelodeonTV Have you seen the vile tweets ofvoice "actor" @jasonbiggs? My kids won't be watching your station any longer #sgp #tcot

— Gadsden (@GadsdenRattlers) August 31, 2012

@katieomalley @NickelodeonTV @NickelodeonPR I'm sure a lot of parents are thrilled, having to explain what a "bleached ass" is.

— Dan Higgins (@boxcoach_dan) August 31, 2012

@NickelodeonTV Jason Biggs is disgusting…as a grandparent….Nickelodeon is off of our list as long as he is still on yours.

— DaveT (@Dave_T001) August 31, 2012

Thanks @NickelodeonTV for helping me limit my daughter's tv watching. I'm taking you OFF the remote until @jasonbiggs is off your payroll.

— Writing Dyan (@writingdyan) August 31, 2012

@NickelodeonTV Absolutely despicable that you employ someone so unabashedly profane towards women. Fire @Jasonbiggs or lose our support.

— Chris Cooper (@disloyalopp) August 31, 2012

In our opinion, Nickelodeon would be wise to heed these people’s advice. Is Biggs, a misogynist and religious bigot, really the kind of person the children’s network wants to associate itself with?

Biggs’ wife professes to take issue with women being degraded:

Let me get this straight, your party is cool with women making decisions about their nation just not their bodies. Got it. #RNC

— Jenny Mollen (@jennyandteets) August 31, 2012

Yet she doesn’t seem to have a problem with it when she and her husband are the ones doing the degrading:

Mollen spits on those of you who are angry with Biggs for his nasty tweets:

Let’s show her we’re a force to be reckoned with.

If you’d like to contact Nickelodeon, you can do so via Twitter here or here or by calling 212-258-7500 (ask for viewer services). You can also contact its parent company Viacom here, via Twitter, and at (212) 258-6000.


Pig Biggs deleted his disgusting tweets. Unfortunately for Biggs, Twitchy is forever and his weaselly deletion is unlikely to appease parents of Nickelodeon viewers.


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