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Reid’s ‘nuclear option’ goes through; Did Dems open door for O-care repeal?


Majority Leader Harry Reid got his wish today when the Senate passed a rule change limiting filibusters on executive and judicial nominees.!/ChadPergram/status/403577151737167872

Here’s the thing, though: Reid and his fellow Dems may have opened up a can of worms that could come back to haunt them, too.!/conkc2/status/403587506446168064

Some think that the Dems used the nuclear option to shift attention away from Obamacare:!/RockOfAges_42/status/403587884113879040!/VirgilLloyd1/status/403588835247804416!/tammyrenee81/status/403594067998547968

But is it possible that the Dems have also inadvertently opened a door to repealing Obamacare?!/collegepolitico/status/403575161162842112!/redsteeze/status/403597359646384128

It certainly wouldn’t be the first time an ill-advised political decision had unintended consequences.!/jimgeraghty/status/403577939767222272!/philipaklein/status/403578408342282240

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