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Remind Me To Never Ever Put This One Object In A Washer. OMG, This Is Insane!


A group of brave YouTube pioneers decided to do an experiment that’d test the endurance of a favorite household appliance: the washing machine. They wanted to know just how far one of these puppies would go if you put it under some serious stress. The answer? Not that far. They put a small piece of metal, like what you’d find in a normal combustion engine, into the machine. Then, they started a cycle.

At first, it seemed like the machine could handle it.

But then, the wheels really came off of the whole operation when the machine tried to kick into a normal cycle. Check out the full carnage in the video:

It’s just …

So… violent.

(H/T BuzzFeed) The next time you do a load of laundry, make sure to check your pants and bed sheets for any wrenches, engine parts or random hunks of metal. We all know how common it is to be carrying around a smelted brick of iron ore. If you thought that losing some change in the washing machine was loud and annoying, having this happen would break you (and the washing machine).

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